At the Blue Jays game

Elena and I ran insect protein expression of a secreted protein that is heavily post-translationally modified. It was particularly cool to count cells with a little counter device (I felt like a bouncer in the club)… This system is tougher than E.coli, no doubt. We did isolate some good stuff off the Ni bead column. We’ll purify it tomorrow. After that I spent some time with Gena Poda at OICR who taught me docking. I am loving this experience – I get to learn the whole process of probe development, from cloning to expression and modelling.

Later on, thanks to Jeff St. Denis (my PhD student), we had a trip to the Oakland A’s/Blue Jays’ game. Jeff bought the tickets and we all had a blast. Here is a pic (about half of my lab was able to come). Below you see Joy, Jeff, Megan, Shinya, Chris, Sean (top row); Sonia, Ben (bottom row). I hope we do it more often while the weather is still good (maybe a bbq at my place, eventually?)…


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