Joanne and Sonia – great job!

There is no doubt that one of my favourite experiences is when we get to train undergraduate students in our lab. This Summer we hosted Joanne Tan and Sonia Zaichuk. Joanne is an undergrad from McMaster, whereas Sonia is from U of T. Yesterday we had a Summer poster session sponsored by AstraZeneca (an annual event when our students present their results) and… both Sonia and Joanne were among the prize winners!

The whole lab was really proud of them. I personally derive the biggest satisfaction from the following: typically I get to see and correct students’ posters but now that I am on sabbatical I suppose people think I do not have time. So… I did not see the posters! It is really cool that the ladies (under the guidance from Ben Chung and Serge Zaretsky, their immediate advisors) displayed a really high caliber of scholarship and presented their work in the best possible way. Kudos to them as well as to Serge and Ben!! 



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