Ryan Hili – the group page is live

Earlier today I was bouncing ideas about updating our lab webpage with my student Adam, which reminded me to check out how Ryan Hili was doing. I was happy to find his lab’s web page. Check it out: http://www.hili.uga.edu. A few words about Ryan, now an Assistant Professor at the University of Georgia. He did his PhD in our lab and laid the foundation for our inroads in the area of amphoteric reactivity, particularly with regard to the chemistry of aziridine aldehydes. I described some of this work in my previous posts. Upon graduation, Ryan accepted a postdoctoral position at Harvard and spent time with Professor David Liu. While in the Liu lab, Ryan developed an imaginative approach to evolve unnatural polymers. This experience has further shaped his interests for an independent program, which he initiated this past September. It looks to me that Ryan already has a lively group of students and his lab is up and running. My group and I will follow the direction of Ryan’s research and we wish him luck in his independent explorations!

It is 11:30pm and my wife and I just landed in Calgary, Alberta. We are about to drive to Banff through all these beautiful mountains. I should have listened to my student Sean who told me to drive during the day and enjoy the scenery!

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