Dream chemistry

My list of weird functional groups grows by the day. I really do love this list and intend to write a review on the subject at some point (after we are done with all the other papers in the pipeline, which will be in… OK, forget it, this is too daunting…). To my liking, the stranger the functional group and the more esoteric it is – the better! Here is the one I read about today – a thicarbazate… I ran a quick search and, not surprisingly, there are only about 16 papers that deal with this concoction of heteroatoms. The reference I have added below describes a medicinal chemistry effort that has put thiocarbazates to good use by exploring their involvement in the synthesis of cathepsin L inhibitors. The molecules prepared by Smith, Huryn, and co-workers are meant to mimic the presentation of substituents in cathepsin L’s peptide substrates. Take a look at the synthesis – I am sure handling COS gas is a delightful lab experience.



OK, I can’t write anymore as my hands are trembling from all the fireworks outside. People in suburban Oakville sure know how to party. Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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