Peptides in Florida next June

Here is an update for the 2015 American Peptide Society Meeting in Florida. My co-host Ved Srivastava and I expect some 1000+ attendees. The fund-raising is coming along nicely and we have secured some really impressive contributions (I really have to tip my hat off to Ved as he is a real pro in fund-raising). Importantly, an awesome scientific program awaits you in Florida (and I do hope that many of my blog readers will be there). The program will be very diverse and the topics will range from purely fundamental peptide science to the latest trends in drug approval from the FDA. In time, we will post the complete list of speakers on our website, but for now I just want to announce our “anchors”, so to say: Professor Richard Lerner will kick off the meeting and Professor Bob Grubbs will be our closer. I am truly grateful to them and to the rest of our outstanding speakers for accepting our invitation. Here are some preliminary details:

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