In Memory of George A. Olah

I have not been able to write my posts for a while, which is partly due to travelling and partly to my attempts to finish up some papers while carrying on with teaching duties. I visited UC Davis and UC Merced two weeks ago. Dean Tantillo (Davis) and Ben Stokes (Merced) made this visit into a memorable stay. In the middle of that week came a dreadfully sad moment when I found out about the passing of George A. Olah, one of my PhD mentors. A lot has been said about George, particularly in recent weeks. His science has had transcending impact on organic chemistry and not a week goes by without me mentioning some of his insights in my 2nd year organic chemistry class. In particular, I refer to the concept of stable ion conditions. I cannot think of a more lucid idea that explains how an electron-poor intermediate such as carbocation can be made to persist in the liquid phase. I fondly recall our group meetings, where George’s lightning fast mind was on display. He was a towering figure and a true gentleman, who always came to lab impeccably dressed with a suite and tie, which is not something we do these days. Apart from this air of elegance, George was always eager to share his wisdom with students, who benefited tremendously from his wit. I could use many superlatives in describing George, but, upon reflection, one thing stands out: he was one of those people whom you do not want to disappoint. I will miss Professor Olah dearly.


George A. Olah (1927 – 2017)

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